Before you unpack your boxes, and start setting up your fabulous new home, take a moment to evaluate your living room space.

Your living room is the space you'll share most with the outside world, and the room you'll want to be careful to set up for your own specific needs. When laying out a living room, you'll want to consider functionality and style, so that your room both works for you and gives you the aesthetic look and feel you desire.

Setting up your living space doesn't have to be a head scratcher if you start with a cohesive strategy. Design your living room to fit your life with these 7 easy steps, and come home to comfort and usability, every day of the week.

  1. Decide how you'll use your living room. Are you famous for entertaining, or are you more inclined to kick back sans company and read, watch TV or listen to music? Determining exactly how you want to use your space will help shape your layout, and make your set up simple and straightforward.
  2. MAKE SPACE. If your living room is small, avoid weighing it down with bulky furniture and clutter. If your space is large, choose larger furnishings carefully, and make sure to preserve open spaces as much as possible. Make sure to preserve pockets of open space in your room to both make your room feel larger, and create more efficient flow.
  3. Layout conversation nooks. Position furniture so that seated pieces face one another, fostering conversation and creating coziness. Whether or not you have guests regularly, you'll find that laying your space out for conversation creates positive flow and energy.
  4. Identify the room's central point. Be it your TV, large windows, a center table, an interesting architectural angle or your sectional sofa, whatever centers and anchors your room is the point you'll use to lay out all other pieces. All furnishings and accessories should be laid out to support focus on this central point.
  5. Choose your style. Are you into contemporary furnishings? Chabby chic? Asian-inspired? Identify your decor style, and choose furnishings, fabric, chotchkes, throws, pillows, etc. to appropriately express it.
  6. LIGHTING. Nothing sets the mood like lighting, and none of us wants to land ourselves in a room with bad lighting (!!!). Make use of floor and table lamps, candles and outdoor light to keep your lighting low, natural and pleasing to the eye.
  7. Final approval is yours. At the end of the day, the space must look and feel like you, and if you're not comfortable, no one will be. Make sure to add personal touches that support making the room your own, and remember to listen to yourself and make design choices that suit your personality and needs.

For more info on how to design your perfect living room, check out Apartment Therapy and HGTV.

Photo | HGTV