New Mexican restaurant to open in MacArthur Center food court later this month
A new Mexican eatery  will open in MacArthur Center later this month, in time for the holiday crush. ... Read More
Grand Illuminations Celebration
Come celebrate the Grand Illumination of Norfolk on the beautiful Wainwright rooftop lounge! ... Read More
Spend Your Holidays in the City!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth. ... Read More
Five New Retailers Open at MacArthur Center
MacArthur Welcomes Mexican Restaurant La Hacienda Fresh Mexican Grill and Four New Holiday Stores ... Read More
Living Room Design in 7 Easy Steps
Your living room is the space you'll share most with the outside world, and the room you'll want to be careful to set up for your own specific needs. ... Read More
Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget
Decorating your new home doesn't have to be a bank-breaking experience. With the right tools, some creative thinking, planning and elbow grease, you can create a home you'll be happy to show off any day of the week. ... Read More
A Day in the Life of a Downtown Norfolk Renter
At Metro, we try to make your move into your stylish new digs as seamless and comfortable as possible, and that means making sure you know how to ease into your new neighborhood and community without too much head scratching. ... Read More
7 Satisfying Summer Salads
Put your oven to rest without compromising your appetite, and get into preparing fast and simple Summer salads. ... Read More
Two Bedroom Tour
We've put together a little Two Bedroom Tour to show you what we're made of. If you've been dying to visit us, or simply been curious to know what all the buzz is all about, here's your chance to tune in.
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5 Design Tips for Studio Apartment Dwellers
If you’re thinking about renting a studio apartment, or already occupy one, you know how important it is to design your space for comfortable, organized living. In fact, living in a studio apartment will allow you to set up a space you love, while accommodating your big, stylish life. ... Read More
Say YES to Renter's Insurance

Every renter should have renter’s insurance. Most renters choose to pass on renter’s insurance initially, believing that their landlord’s policy will cover their possessions, but in fact, renter's must have coverage of their own. Most policies are incredibly inexpensive, ranging from roughly $200-$300 a year, or $10-$25 a month, depending on the policy. Renter’s insurance policies cover you if your electronics, books, furniture or other belongings/valuables are damaged or destroyed by fire or theft.

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